city of malls


Today is the day off, one day off for celebrating religious big day. Everybody cheers, celebrating the short holiday.

I woke up with hypocrite thought that today is going to be different lime any other ahort holiday, that people will use their time to rest, spent time with their families, hybernate at HOME! Well, that's where I was wrong.. In this part of the country, people so used to spend hours on the streets that they even spend their day off on the streets as well…

I always thought that Jakarta has too much malls already, but in time like this you will see that I am completely wrong… We need more malls!

Thousands of people scramming themselves into malls, queing for almost hours for park their cars.. And those pains is good only for two reasins and two reasons only: Eat and Movies, and sometimes shopping, which for some people is recreational activity.

We don' t go out for walk in the park, walk in a beach, just sit down near a canal or little lakes, or anything outdoor… We love malls so much that we don't give a damn about any other options we have outside that huge, air conditioned building blocks!

Have we been adicted to the malls and its attraction or we are just some lazy bastards that didn't want to sweat our ass for more variety for a day off?

Or maybe the parks are so damn awful our canal and lakes are too dirty and the other outdoor area is just not family friendly or even worse, not safe at all…

Other possibilities that coming to my mind is that those parks, canal, lakes will not contributing economically for the regional government, officially and not..

Well, for now I'll just enjoy to walk in fashion district avenue among the cafes and small creek on 7th floor of Gigantic Grand Indonesia Mall!

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