at the end of the day, its only a job…

If I’m not lost count, its been 15 years of my life has been spent on corporate life, with its ups and downs, sweat, blood, achievements, downfall, and everything in between.

Facing many corporate values, cultures, people, leadership styles, intellectual,capacities, friends, collegue, bosses, subordinates, problems, winning stratregies, competitors, which all shape me to whatever I am now, both ,mentally, professional mentality, spirits, and in some extent behaviour..

In short, it gives me as much as I gave what I’ve got to it, or did it?

I know I am blessed and lucky to reach what I am now, at least with my standard, although as human I will never satisfy with whatever achievements I did, but overall, I’m doing okay.

But this professional life is also asking something from my life, just like anything in the world, nothing is free, right? And if I start doing the tally at this moment I feel it has ask quite a lot of from me…

I do not know whether it is only me, or maybe many people feels the same thing like me about the life in the fast corporate lane, but I am in the indifferent position of being admire, confused or pity to the people who I see have much more achievements than I am in the corporate life as professionals.

During my service I have met many great people, people with determination, high intellectual capacity, entrepreneurship, even luck, and I really learned a lot from them.

There was a time in my life (or even still happening) that my life is dedicated totally to the corporation, sacrificed my personal life, for the both monetary and pride reasons, although now I feel is more into pride. 🙂

When I reach certain age (nope, I wont disclose it), I began to ask myself, what is next, with more competition, new people come to the business with bright and fresh ideas, and also mental tiredness, will my service be needed in the corporate world?

I have seen and heard many professional that end up not in the good situation a the end of his or her service, although many also have a safe landing, and I began to ask myself where I’d be.

I do not know whether this is too early or too late to be questioned in my situation, but I owe an answer for myself…

During my contemplation, I remembered one boss that I worked with. Which at that time was a star in the organisation, and I was lucky enough to have a chance to work close with him.

He was a 12 hours a day 6 days a week guy, dedicating much of his life to the company, with many very superior achievements.

One day he said to me, “you know, when you reach 60, all you are going to brag about in front of your friends will be how your children got into a master degree in a good Uni, how your daughter won a ballet competition, and things like this, it will not be how you lead a Multinational , Fortune 500 companies, although you have spent most of your life in the office and bury yourself in tons of so called deadlines, target, and achievements.” He countinued, “because after all, it’s ONLY a job..”

The blog above is written in December 2013, and I was in the cross roads of a job…. Now I read it almost one and a half years later, somehow it is still relevant, although, with different situation, and emotions..

All I have to do is wait.. ? or keep the idea above somewhere in my head..




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