Politic & Religion -routine cycle

I have read an interesting statement today: Religion, Money, and Penis; there is nothing wrong with having them, but they don't make you better than anyone else, and they shouldn't control the country…
These few months have been a roller coaster in Indonesia social and political environment, and as far as I know, in the past 10 years it has been a routine cycle, whenever we have an election, both National election or (some) regional election, these topics of religion becoming very popular.

This last 5 months it is for Jakarta Governor election. The capital city of Indonesia, home for 10 million people, but interest for much more..

We are entering the second round of the election, which will bring up the heat even more, will bring more stupidity, hate, self rightneousness, and off course, lies!

Personally  I will go for the incumbent, not only for his much better track record, but for something I can not explain, I just trust this guy!

Unlike his opponents, which I am very  difficult to trust. Not to mention the full of theory agenda, and the radical party supporter behind him, which will bring Indonesia towards uncertainty.

I hope Jakarta people will open their eyes and have a clear mind, and start put things on perspective, this is a election of a governor, a political event, that should not mixed with religious spirit, and should never use religion as vehicles.

We have seen too many examples where these kind of people that use religion will only   abandoned the supporters once they have what they want, and will go with their own agenda, and forget about the promise made before.

So, please Jakartans, be smart(er), be rational, and dont get fooled!


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