another cross roads

I just received the result of my annual "compulsory by the company" medical check up today.
It was quite a heartbeat moment when I opened it, knowing I have not been living they way I should, knowing my condition and my lack of movement a.k.a laziness to exercise.

As as expected we have some red marks, although not as much as I expected, but for sure I need to reduce my triglyceride level to below 150 from 205. Of course with these result I will need to consult more physicians to make sure I am 100% in shape.

On the way back home I am imagining all the bad things that could happened should I not trying harder to change my lifestyle.

I am almost 45, with "slight" obese and history of hypertension and almost not exercising.. how the fuck I can continue to live this way?!

I have to change, I need to change, and I have to reprogram my mind to be able to do it, the way I program my mind to quit smoking easily one and a half years ago.
If I can do that then, I can do this.

And my son and my family will be my best motivation.

So help me God.


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