the race start now

This week I see in the news political move made by one ex-President and one ex-President's son in law, both ex high rank military.

One have a big ambition to start a Indonesian version of Kennedy clan, while the other have huge ambition to be President, despite two failures in a row.

Politics has been a huge "show" in Indonesia, and like any show, actors are playing in it, with many crews to support. But one of the most important thing in the show management is the "promotion" of the show.

We know the show will be in 2019, and some promoters already start to promote their show, actors, and even story plots. These story is usually where it usually went ugly.

We have seen how stories becoming wild and destructive. In the name of ambition they will exaggerate, manipulate, and even lie.

I have seen that the stake people took to achieve the success of their show is getting higher and higher. Any big, bombastic stories will do. They will tell you whatever stories you want to hear, to confirm your opinion and your fears.

We have seen how these scenario ruin harmony, divide countries, destroy nations, but it will not stop these people.

I just hope that statesmanship still exists above personal ambition, and no matter how cliche it may sound, the truth will prevail.

Because what we all want in an election where we choose based on our hope, not our fear..

Let's see how the story will be made in the next 2 years, and hope that at the final story, Indonesia is still there..


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