good bye Pa…

I am very proud of my father. As much as people may not see it that way, I am his biggest silent fan.

He was a pediatrician for more than 40 years, and he is also teaching in the medical school he was proud of for the majority of his professional life.

He was an expert in hematology and oncology and also expert in thalasemia, and was leading the division of thalasemia in the hospital he was working.

He was respected by his student, colleagues, patients and friends. And he was also recognized professionally in his field by many people.

And now he is gone…

He passed away after suffer for long term kidney disease, but what took him away was his heart condition.

Many things I will missed from him, his laughs, his advice, his leadership, his opinikn on things… but what broke my heart was the little things that I might not aware before. The things that shows that he really care about us, that he always worried about our whereabouts and wellbeing.

I will missed his phone call whenever I just landed from my business trip, just to ask if I already back from my trip.

Or his call during the weekend just to ask where I was.

Now there will be no such calls anymore.. I will be checking my phones right after I landed just to find that he will not call me this time..

Good bye my dear Papa, my hero, my idol. I hope I did a good job to make you proud. I love you, Pa! Till we meet again. Please Rest in Peace!

My father passed away on 24th April 2018. He was 77 years old


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