i did it…!

I was struggling with my unhealthy life styles.

I was smoking, and I did not have the best eating habit in the world, in fact I couldn’t control myself when I was eating..

Off course these will result with red indicators in my health checks.

I have high blood pressure, my cholesterol level was uncontrolled, and I am not fit at all, plus not really nice to see with big fat belly, and BMI above 30! Yes, that was obese 2 level!!

3 years ago I managed to stop smoking immediately, and I never touch a cigarette ever since, and I am damn proud of it. I will tell the story of how I quit smoking on other post though..

6 months ago, in my office there has been a new kind of diet happening, my colleagues successfully adapt a KETO diet, which at that time I was 100% sceptical about it.

How on earth you can loose your weight by eating more fat!!??

But after the 4th persons proven to be successfully adopted this lifestyle, I started to wonder. I asked around, finding references, and start planning.
And one day I found this web, www.dietdoctor.com which gives a very clear information about low carb diet aka KETO.

I was convinced and started it 4 months ago.

I lost 18kg ever since, with better blood pressure level, my doctor even reduce my medication to 1/4 of my usual dosage, and I am feeling much better.

There are many controversies about this diet program, and with my conditions I really do it carefully, by doing monthly blood test and visit my doctor regularly during my program.

But what I want to say is, if you want it, this program is easy to do, and it works! All you have to do is to be committed and have focus on what you want. Then find yourselves a support system (family, friends, references), and you are on your way to get what you want!

Good Luck!


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