Paris, I begin to love it

My professional life brought me to work for two big France multinational companies, which give me the opportunity to travel to France in many occasions, and many of them are to Paris.

To tell the truth, many people talked to me about the typical Parisian, which is arrogant and not friendly.

Many people also talked to me about Paris being overrated, and not as nice as it is described in the movies or magazines.

And it effected me, honestly. But my frequent travel to Paris, actually “corrected” this perception I adopted from many others..

The first time I came to Paris it was in 2004. At that time, as a first-timer, I did not really know what to expect and where to go, except Eifel Tower and arc de triomphe!

I had a chance to explore Paris more as I return to this so called city of love.

As I visited new places during different times, seasons, occassions and moods, I began to appreciate what Paris really is.

It is a melting pots of different nation, however for me, it has a very strong unique identity, that is not so easy to articulate.

All the history, that reflected by the old buildings, monuments, stories are reflected in its people. The strong will of self expression, freedom and democracy is very thick and obvious, as obvious as the unique warmth and friendliness of its people, which is sometimes translated wrongly by so.e people.

I did that mistakes, but as I knew more about Paris and Parisien, I can enjoy Paris much more… especially during Sunday morning.

And now I can say, Je t’aime Paris


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