the things about the virus

Many things happens since my last blog, the world changes so much since then, and all because this tiny virus that stops everything in the world.. severe acute respiratory syndrome  coronavirus 2  (SARS-CoV-2) or many people called it Corona virus or in short Covid19 (refers to the year it started, 2019)

I am not gonna talk about history of the virus, which you will get plenty more clever article in google world, instead I am going to talk about how this bloody bastards change the world, and shift some plans, for many people including mine.

I remember in late February 2020, me and my wife was on trip to Europe, and at that time we began to see on our transit in Abu Dhabi, many people with masks, its not that we did not know about how the virus start to spread in China, but the confident of me (also many people) at that time never thought it will spread all over the world.

And then one month later my aunt (my mum sister) got it and passed away.

It was March, still early stage, where many people still have huge confidence, and we are not yet at pandemic mode, and suddenly panics attack me and my family.

I still rememver the family of my aunt have to mourn alone without the present of the sisters and brothers of their mother, and at that time I can not even think how to cope with the situation, except by sending my grieves to the family by WhatsApp.

I can imagine the disappointment of my aunt family, and I will not even try to defend our position. And just hope that time will heal..

At the same time I can not imagine how my mum and her other sisters and brother have to cope with the situation, not being there for their sister, saying goodbye for the last time. It must have very hard and painful for them.

I do not know when this pandemic will end, and how will it end, and at what cost the world have to pay for all of these, both in body counts, economic costs, also mental challenges caused by the pressures, stress and grieves.

Lets just hope that all of us will be strong and sane enough to cope with the unseen enemies, until the cavalry in the forms of injections come from either one of the four corners of the world.

And lets hope that the vaccine cavalry arrival will not start another chaos, devastation and make us loosing our sanity and humanity.



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